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34 Brookside Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804 (302) 655-7009

“My elderly dog was failing and I had to put her down. I wasn’t sure if this was taking place until later in the week when I made my final decision and made arrangements for my vet to come to my house. I asked her advice on cremation services because it is February and the ground is frozen. She highly recommended Royal Pet. I called them to explain my situation and I spoke with both Earl and Kathy (the owners). They were extremely professional, patient, and kind answering all of my questions because I was clueless on the process.

We made the arrangements and I traveled with my dog to Wilmington. I wanted a private cremation. Earl met us there and took care of everything. I was impressed with how clean and professional the building was. I felt like I was in a scaled down, simpler funeral home for pets. Earl was very helpful and understanding of my “state”. I wasn’t quite with it.

I felt very comfortable hearing how they came to be in this business, going through the ugly, dark process themselves when they lost a beloved animal. They saw a need for a respectful and ethical option. That is truly what they have created with this business. You can just immediately feel that they are going to treat you and your animal’s “remains” respectfully.

I cannot believe there are no other reviews for this place on here already. If you have the misfortune of needing this type of service, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They made such a dark day in my life a bit easier to deal with.”

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